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Department of Environment and Heritage Protection


Preserve the Wonder

Find out how Queenslanders are working together to address the biggest threats to the Great Barrier Reef and discover what you can do to help.

Mined Land Rehabilitation Policy

The Queensland Government’s new Mined Land Rehabilitation Policy aims to ensure that mined land is rehabilitated for a future use that does not harm the environment.

EHP Annual Report 2016-17

The EHP Annual Report 2016-17 is now available. Read more about the department’s financial and non-financial performance.

Trans-shipping policy for Great Barrier Reef waters

A proposed policy to better regulate the transfer of cargo at sea aims to protect environmentally sensitive waters of the Great Barrier Reef region.

Protecting Queensland's environment—have your say

Have your say about safeguarding Queensland’s environment and the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection’s role as an environmental regulator—complete a short community survey.


Investigation into the Transport of Waste into Queensland

The Queensland Government has commissioned an independent investigation into the transport of waste into Queensland. Retired Supreme Court Judge, the Honourable Peter Lyons QC will lead the independent investigation.

Plastic pollution reduction initiatives

Queensland will ban the supply of lightweight single-use plastic shopping bags and introduce a container refund scheme from 1 July 2018.

Queensland Climate Change Response

The Queensland Climate Change Response includes strategies for transitioning to a low carbon economy and adapting to the impacts of a changing climate.

We are Queensland's environmental regulator

Our team is dedicated to safeguarding its environmental values, and reducing any impacts from environmental harm. Check out our 3 minute video on what we do.

Do business with us online

EHP services are gradually moving online via our new digital platform Connect, allowing you to do business with us 24/7. Find out what online services are now available.

State of the Environment website report

Explore, share and learn more about the health of our environment with the new State of the Environment report website.


View EHP data sets currently available through the Open Data Portal.

Programs and initiatives

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13 October 2017