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Department of Environment and Heritage Protection


Watch out for crocodiles and snakes after heavy rain

Communities affected by heavy rain and floodwaters in northern Queensland are reminded to be on the lookout for wildlife that may become displaced or move around in flood waters.

EHP investigating firefighting foam spillage at Brisbane Airport

Qantas reports foam spillage at airport – currently under investigation.

Draft Recovery Plan for the Boggomoss Snail

The revised Draft Recovery Plan for the Boggomoss Snail Adclarkia dawsonensis is open for public comment.

Improving mine rehabilitation in Queensland

Have your say on the proposed new policy outlined in The Better Mine Rehabilitation discussion paper.

The Queensland Government is proposing new policy for mine rehabilitation outlined in a discussion paper, Better Mine Rehabilitation for Queensland.

Recycling and Waste in Queensland report 2016

The Recycling and Waste in Queensland report 2016 presents data on, and trends in, waste disposal and recovery during the 2015–16 financial year.

We are Queensland's environmental regulator

Our team is dedicated to safeguarding its environmental values, and reducing any impacts from environmental harm. Check out our 3 minute video on what we do.

Have your say about draft water quality reports and mapping

Provide your feedback on draft environmental values and water quality objectives under the Environmental Protection (Water) Policy.

Queensland Crocodile Management Plan

The new Queensland Crocodile Management Plan is now available.

Do business with us online

EHP services are gradually moving online via our new digital platform Connect, allowing you to do business with us 24/7. Find out what online services are now available.

State of the Environment website report

Explore, share and learn more about the health of our environment with the new State of the Environment report website.


View EHP data sets currently available through the Open Data Portal.

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18 May 2017