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About us

The department is responsible for managing the health of the environment to protect Queensland’s unique ecosystems, including its landscapes and waterways, as well as its native plants and animals and biodiversity.

Roles and responsibilities

The department’s role is to act as a strong environmental regulator which supports sustainable long-term economic development of Queensland.

It does this by administering a range of environmental regulations and laws, providing timely approval authorities and ensuring compliance with them.

In addition to Queensland’s natural environment, the department is also responsible for identifying and conserving the state’s built heritage places.

These places contribute to our identity and help define who we are as Queenslanders.

They include buildings, structures, cemeteries, archaeological sites, gardens, urban precincts and natural and landscape features. 

The department’s key activities include:

  • Conservation and Sustainability Services, including the implementation of programs to conserve and enhance the health of the state’s natural environment 
  • Environmental Services and Regulation, including the facilitation of project approvals and industry compliance
  • Environmental Policy and Planning, including developing and reforming legislation, plans and programs to support front-line environmental service delivery, manage our ecosystems, waste agenda and our ongoing role in climate change adaptation.
Last updated
16 April 2015