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Recreational wildlife licence — about this service

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What licences can I buy online?

The recreational wildlife licence (RWL) online service allows you to apply for certain recreational wildlife licences and receive a permit electronically. You can purchase a recreational wildlife licence (RWL) only for those birds, reptiles and amphibians listed in the Guideline for keeping wildlife under a recreational wildlife licence.

Not all recreational wildlife licences can be assessed and approved online.

The following licences cannot not be issued online:

  • RWL for restricted birds
  • RWL for international birds
  • RWL for restricted reptiles and amphibians
  • RWL for international reptiles and amphibians
  • RWL for an organisation.

These licences require a manual assessment by a EHP officer which can take up to 10 business days, or longer depending on the complexity of the approval.

EHP cannot issue a recreational wildlife licence if you are under 13 years of age.

For more information about under age applications please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions document available on the recreational wildlife licence (RWL) online service home page.

EHP cannot issue a recreational wildlife licence if you have a criminal conviction that relates to animal welfare issues within the past 10 years.

How else can I apply?

In addition to the online service, you can apply for any recreational wildlife licence using a paper application form. Please refer to the EHP website to download application forms or contact Permit and Licence Management.

You can apply for a recreational wildlife licence to purchase and keep certain Australian native birds, reptiles and amphibians online if, you are a suitable applicant 18 years or older, or 13–17 years and have a guardian living at the same address willing to help fill out the application form and pay for the licence with their credit card.

A recreational wildlife licence (RWL) licence allows you to keep legally obtained wildlife for personal use for up to 5 years. After this 5 year period you will need to reapply for the licence.


To obtain a recreational wildlife licence (RWL) online you must have a credit card to make payment. Please apply using a paper application form if you would like to pay for your licence by cheque, money order or with cash. These forms are available from the EHP website or by calling Permit and Licence Management.

The type of recreational wildlife licence will determine the amount you will need to pay. Please refer to the schedule of fees (PDF, 61K) on the EHP website.

Please be aware that fees are amended at the start of each financial year.

Technical assistance

For technical assistance with the recreational wildlife online application service, or to report problems with the system:

Phone 1300 130 372

Email to Permit and Licence Management.

If you are experiencing problems with viewing pages of the application there are two issues that may be causing the problem.

Screen Resolution

Change your screen resolution to 1280 x 1024 by clicking on the control panel from the start menu, double click display and select the settings tab slide the screen resolution bar until 1280 x 1024 is displayed.

Internet Browser

If you are using Internet Explorer v6 we suggest you upgrade your browser to IEv7 as this version fixes a number of known bugs.

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12 October 2016
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9 December 2013