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Climate change impacts on the Queensland coast

Changes in the climate are expected to result in more extreme weather events, increased rates of erosion, sea level rise, saltwater intrusion, and higher storm tides.

The sandy beaches that dominate the Queensland coastline are amongst the most varied and fragile coastal systems and are vulnerable to significant erosion resulting from more intense cyclones and storm events as well as sea level rise.

The report Queensland Coastal Processes and Climate Change  (PDF, 2.8M)*released in April 2011, highlights the processes that shape our coastal regions and the potential impacts of climate change on coasts and coastal communities.

This report was followed up by a state-wide photographic survey of the king tides along the Queensland coast. The resulting report  2011 Queensland king tide photographic survey – a sign of things to come (PDF, file unavailable)*, presents a snapshot of summer king tides in January and February 2011. The report provides a visual record of areas that are already being impacted by higher king tides and storm surges which coastal planners and managers can use to better understand how to manage coastal hazards along the Queensland coast.

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Last updated
23 April 2013