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Coastal management district

Coastal management district for the Queensland coast

The Coastal Protection and Management Act 1995 (Coastal Act) provides for the declaration of a coastal management district over coastal areas that need protection or management, especially with respect to the area’s vulnerability to erosion, to maintain or enhance coastal resources or for planning and development management of the area.

The CMD defines an area where the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning (DILGP) has assessment manager or referral agency powers and responsibilities to assess certain development applications under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009. The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) is a technical advice agency to DILGP for a development proposal in a coastal management district.

These developments include:

The CMD mapping considers the declared erosion prone area mapping which includes a projected sea level rise of 0.8m to 2100 from climate change. The CMD mapping methodology generally includes lots where permanent inundation by tidal water or increased coastal erosion from sea level rise is expected to occur. However, only lots in proximity to tidal water (creeks, rivers or the open coast) are included. Lots which may be inundated but occur well inland from the coast or those lots with relatively minor areas of inundation, are not included. Full details of the methodology used to create the CMD are on the CMD mapping methodology page.

The CMD dated 17 November 2015 came into effect on 3 February 2016. It is based on the digital cadastral database as at July 2015. Boundaries in the cadastre may change over time from periodic checking and spatial correction. As a result, a small number of lots may become partially in the CMD. If you have any doubt about the partial inclusion of a lot in the CMD, please email

The CMD is shown on the coastal hazard maps page and on the interactive mapping system on the DILGP website. GIS spatial files of the CMD area are available on the Queensland Spatial Catalogue—Qspatial.

The Coastal Management District is shown on the development assessment maps on the DILGP website. It is also shown on EHP’s Coastal hazard maps.

Updating the coastal management district maps

The CMD may be reviewed periodically in line with the CMD mapping methodology and a new CMD declared by regulation under the Coastal Act. A proposed CMD would be released for public consultation providing the opportunity for interested parties to comment.

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Last updated
2 February 2016