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Coastal hazard maps

The interactive map below displays the coverage of Queensland coastal hazard map sheets at scales 1:40,000 and 1:75,000. Coastal hazard maps can be downloaded as PDF files by selecting the relevant map sheet.

Alternatively, a map can be selected from the list of hazard maps provided below.

  • Coastal hazard map 1:40,000
  • Coastal hazard map 1:75,000
  • Help

Maps listed by coastal planning region

Select a region to display the list of coastal hazard maps for that region.

Interactive map help

To navigate the interactive map, position your mouse cursor over the map then use the mouse click commands and tools listed below.


Zoom in or out of the map using the following methods:

  • Use the zoom tool on the left side of the map
  • Double click on the left mouse button to zoom in or double click on the right mouse button to zoom out.

Zooming using the mouse scroll wheel has been disabled.


Pan around the map using the following methods:

  • Use the panning tool at the top left of the map
  • Click and hold down the left mouse button and drag the map in the required direction.

Making a map enquiry

Select a feature on the map with a single click on the left mouse button. If a feature is present an information window will appear with more information about the selected feature.

Changing the map type

Change the type of basemap using the buttons at the top right of the map.

Further information

The basemap is indicative only and should only be used as a guide. The map is best viewed with more recent versions of web browser software.

Last reviewed
9 August 2016
Last updated
22 February 2013