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Coastal Management Plan

The Coastal Management Plan commenced on 18 March 2014. It is made under the Coastal Protection and Management Act 1995. The Coastal Management Plan provides non-regulatory policy guidance to coastal land managers. Key management policies dealt with by the plan include:

  • maintaining coastal landforms and physical coastal processes
  • conserving nature
  • maintaining access to coastal resources for indigenous cultural activities
  • maintaining or enhancing public access
  • management planning
  • knowledge sharing and community engagement.

The Coastal Management Plan does not address land-use planning or development regulated under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009. Information about planning and development policies can be found on the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning website.

For more information about the coastal plan including copies of associated guidelines, please email

Coastal Management Plan—what changed from the draft version

In response to feedback received during consultation on the Draft Coastal Management Plan, there were a number of changes incorporated into the final Coastal Management Plan. These included:

  • Clarification of how the plan is to be applied, specifically:
    • which government and non-government bodies can use it
    • types of management activities
    • the land tenure it applies to.

    Applied by:

    Applied to:

    Applied on:

    Managers of local and State government-controlled coastal land; for example local government

    Management planning

    State coastal land and other land tenures that include coastal resources.

    Community groups

    Management activities

    Natural resource management bodies; for example SEQ NRM

    Decisions and works that are not regulated under the SPA; for example development of a local government shoreline erosion management plan.

    Research organisations


    Individuals that own coastal land

  • Rewording of the Foreword and Introduction sections to clarify that the Coastal Management Plan is non-regulatory, and that the policies contained in the plan provide best practice coastal management guidance only.
  • Update to the Introduction section and Policy context notes to identify the other legislation and instruments related to dealing with coastal development and related matters.
  • Addressing policy duplication by removing guidance for tenure decisions and environmental offset requirements for nature conservation policies and tenure decisions.

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Last updated
15 April 2014