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Current Fitzroy Basin coal mine water releases

Map of operational and post-operational coal mines located in the Fitzroy Basin that are authorised to release mine-affected water.

Daunia mine, BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance

RP1 release point

Release start
20 Mar 2017
Notified as compliant?
Environmental Authority EPML00561913
Releasing flow rate
280 L/s
Releasing salinity
2220 µS/cm
Receiving waters
New Chum Creek
Receiving waters flow rate
30.74 m3/s
Receiving waters salinity
825 µS/cm

Note: Flow rates and salinities in the above table are provided at commencement of release and are accurate at this time only. Flow rates and salinities at release points and in receiving waters may change during the course of a release event, and any such changes are not captured in the table. Flow rates and salinities in the table should not be assumed to be accurate at any time after commencement of a release event.


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Last updated:
23 March 2017