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State of the environment report 2007

State of the Environment Queensland 2007 (SoE 2007) is the third report on the condition of Queensland's environment. It is available as both PDF and HTML.

The report describes the environment in terms of nine major themes (chapters):

  • sustainability
  • atmosphere
  • land
  • inland waters and wetlands
  • coastal zone
  • biodiversity
  • invasive plants and animals
  • human settlements
  • natural and cultural heritage.

Each chapter is made up of a series of issue papers. The report concludes with an assessment of the key legislation relevant to the Environmental Protection Agency in achieving environmental outcomes.

The report was compiled by experts from government, research agencies and universities. Each issue paper was prepared by a nominated author or authors and then reviewed by experts in the field. The production of the report was overseen by the Sustainability and Environmental Reporting Interdepartmental Committee (SER IDC). The department gratefully acknowledges the efforts of all authors, SER IDC members and reviewers, whose expertise and time have made this report possible.

A large volume of information, drawn from a wide range of sources, was collated, interpreted and used in this report. Sources are cited throughout the text. Published citations can be found in the reference lists at the end of each issue paper within a chapter. Much of the information in this report has been provided by a wide range of organisations and individuals, both government and private, and the department gratefully acknowledges the use of their data.

Update to 2007 SoE report

Since the release of the report Queensland State of the Environment 2007, the government has started some significant programs and initiatives to improve environmental outcomes in Queensland. Key achievements midway between the 2007 report and that due in 2011 are highlighted in:

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17 May 2011
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2 June 2008