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Love Queensland. Let's keep it clean

The Queensland Government’s Love Queensland. Let’s keep it clean campaign aims to create awareness of major littering and illegal dumping sites around the state. It also encourages Queenslanders to take responsibility for their litter and waste.

Illegal dumping and littering are serious issues—they cause environmental harm, decrease visual amenity and aesthetic values and cost state and local governments, businesses and communities millions of dollars each year in clean-up expenses.

Illegal dumping in the Beerburrum Forest area

The Beerburrum Forest area, near the Glasshouse Mountains, is a great place for walking, horse riding and four-wheel-driving. The pine plantations are also worksites that provide jobs and valuable timber for commercial industries.

The department, local governments, HQPlantations and Crime Stoppers are working together to help stop illegal dumping in the area.

Dump sites are being investigated, offenders fined and the community engaged to support the campaign and help keep their environment clean by reporting incidences of illegal dumping.

You too can make a difference–encourage your mates to take waste to the tip and if you see dumped waste, report it.

You can report illegal dumping via the website, phone or mobile device, or by calling 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

Illegal dumping fines start at over $1,800 for an individual and $5,800 for a corporation.

Littering on south west Queensland’s highways

Did you know that beverage containers, cigarettes, retail items and food-related products are the main littered items on south west Queensland’s highways?

That’s why the six south west councils—Balonne, Maranoa, Goondiwindi, Southern Downs, Toowoomba, and Western Downs—have partnered with the Australian Packaging Covenant, the Queensland Murray–Darling Committee and the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection to implement the Love Queensland. Let’s keep it clean campaign.

We are encouraging all road-users to join the campaign and keep local highways free from litter.

You can help stop roadside litter by:

  • keeping drink containers, food packaging and cigarette butts in the car until your next stop where you can dispose of them in a bin
  • reporting littering from vehicles and vessels via the website, smart phone or mobile device, or by calling 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

Remember you can make a difference–together we can keep our roads and highways clean.

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Last updated
24 December 2015