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Koala mapping

Digital data for the mapping products is available for download from the Queensland Spatial Catalogue. If you require further assistance please email the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) at .

South East Queensland Koala Conservation State Planning Regulatory Provisions (SPRP) koala habitat values maps

The SPRP koala habitat values maps show koala habitat within assessable development areas defined under the SPRP.

The SPRP applies to the priority areas of Pine Rivers and the Koala Coast (priority koala assessable development areas). The provisions also apply in areas where the Queensland Government previously had a concurrence agency role under the Koala Conservation Plan 2006 and the Interim South East Queensland Koala State Planning Regulatory Provision February 2010 (koala assessable development areas).

SPRP identified koala broad hectare area maps

The SPRP identified koala broad hectare area maps below depict the seven identified koala broadhectare areas defined in Schedule 3 of the SPRP.

South East Queensland Koala Habitat Assessment and Mapping Project

The South East Queensland Koala Habitat Assessment and Mapping Project, completed in May 2009, was undertaken by GHD on behalf of the Queensland Government. It represents the most comprehensive koala habitat assessment and mapping project undertaken in Queensland to date. The koala habitat values mapping has informed the development of the statutory maps associated with the SPRP. This mapping has also set requirements under the Queensland Environmental Offsets Policy and State Government Supported Community Infrastructure Policy.

For more information refer to department’s online library catalogue and search for

  • GHD Report: South East Queensland Koala Habitat Assessment and Mapping Project.
  • 2009 South East Queensland Koala Habitat Values Assessment map.

Spatial modelling and planning for koalas in south east Queensland

A recent record on the status of koalas in coastal south east Queensland (SEQ) found that despite existing protection strategies, koala numbers have decreased by 50–80% in key habitat areas over the last 20 years (Rhodes et al. 2015). Given the uncertainty in our ability to halt declines in coastal areas, a new approach will investigate koala habitat areas across the broader SEQ region, and attempt to identify areas where conservation measures are likely to have the most success.

The project, due for completion in June, 2017, plans to build on approaches used in previous koala mapping and aims to identify conservation values and management options that enhance the long term viability of koalas within southern SEQ.

Last updated
7 December 2016