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Crocodile Conservation Plan and Management Program

The crocodile plan

The 'Nature Conservation (Estuarine Crocodile) Conservation Plan 2007 and Management program 2007–2017' came into effect on 1 March 2008.

This plan builds on the achievements of the past 'Nature Conservation (Problem Crocodile) Conservation Plan 1995' and the supporting 'Management program for Crocodylus porosus in Queensland 1995–1997'. While the goals of this plan mirror those of its predecessor, the strategies it employs reflect current management issues and are based on a better understanding of crocodile biology, behaviour and population dynamics.

What is the plan achieving?

This plan continues to protect the estuarine crocodile as a vulnerable species while addressing a range of management issues. Public safety is critical and is addressed in this plan through a system of managing 'crocodiles of concern' and the enforcement of responsible behaviour in areas where crocodiles are likely to be encountered. This is supported by a community awareness program that promotes a 'croc wise' way of life for residents of, and visitors to, areas where crocodiles occur.

This plan recognises the other values and uses people have for estuarine crocodiles and supports the sustainable economic use of crocodiles as a resource and tourist attraction, and the important cultural and social significance this animal has to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Last updated
2 June 2016