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Hourly DOAS data

Latest measurement: 28 May 2018, 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Region Station Benzene
(24hr Av) (ppb)
(24hr Av) (ppb)
(24hr Av) (ppb)
(24hr Av) (ppb)
South East Queensland Springwood 0.9 4 6.4 16.1
Gladstone Memorial Park 1.6 2.5 12.5 2.1
Index values legend
Not available Very good Good Fair Poor Very poor

More details about the index values.

The data used to compile this air quality information has undergone quality assurance processes to ensure that the data is valid. Data is retrieved from the stations every hour and after quality checks, is available approximately 1 hour later.

If there is no data measured for a parameter, or data could not be retrieved from the monitoring station at this hour, no data is shown in the cell. An '[offline]' message in a cell indicates that measurements from the monitoring instrument are temporarily unavailable due to equipment servicing or failure.

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Last updated:
28 May 2018