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Building work on land seaward of a coastal building line

A coastal building line is a tool used to regulate building work generally on small lots in a coastal management district that are vulnerable to coastal erosion that are declared under the Coastal Protection and Management Regulation 2003. Development proposed seaward of a coastal building line, including erosion control structures, is assessable development under the Planning Regulation 2017.

The coastal building line assists in maintaining a development-free buffer between development and the coast. The intention is that where development on a lot is vulnerable to sea erosion:

  • new development is setback to reduce the threat from sea erosion, and
  • a strip of land on the lot is kept development free so that erosion control structures, such as seawalls, can be constructed wholly on the lot if required and not placed on public land further seaward.

Generally no building work—including houses, sheds or swimming pools is allowed seaward of a coastal building line. Erosion control structures are the only structures that can be considered seaward of a coastal building line.

To find out if your property is affected by a coastal building line go to the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning (DILGP) DA Mapping system.

Last updated
3 July 2017