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Beach conservation

Coastal technical series

A series of technical papers concerning beach conservation are available. The titles are listed below. These papers appeared originally in Beach Conservation, the newsletter of the Beach Protection Authority of Queensland.

  • Waves and surfing conditions in Queensland (1999)
  • Common misconceptions about beaches (1999)
  • Cyclones and their effects on beaches (1999)
  • Storm tide statistics (1999)

Also available from our library are a series of Coastal Dune Management technical notes that deal with the formation, function, management and vegetation of Queensland's coastal sand dunes. The titles of each are listed below. PDF copies of the archived documents are available by searching for the title in the library catalogue.

Series 1: Queensland's Coastal Sand Dunes

  • 1-01 A brief introduction
  • 1-02 Type and distribution of coastal sand masses
  • 1-03.1 Coastal sand masses of southern Queensland
  • 1-03.2 Coastal sand masses of southern Queensland - Fraser Island
  • 1-03.3 Coastal sand masses of southern Queensland - Moreton Island
  • 1-04.2 Coastal sand masses of central Queensland - Shoalwater Bay

Series 2: The Formation and Function of Coastal Dunes

  • II-01 Sources of sand, sand transport and deposition, dune formation
  • II-02 Formation and function of foredunes and parallel dunes
  • II-03 Formation of sand beach ridges and cheniers
  • II-04 Formation of blowouts, parabolic dunes and low dune mobile sand-sheets

Series 3: Importance of Dune Vegetation

  • III-01 Function, characteristics and zonation of dune vegetation
  • III-02 Pioneer zone vegetation
  • III-04 Forest (or heath) zone vegetation
  • III-06 Vegetation of the Mulgrave Shire northern beaches
  • III-07 Vegetation of the Mulgrave Shire northern beaches (continued)

Series 4: Description of Major Dune Plants

  • IV-01 Sand spinifex grass Spinifex sericeus
  • IV-02 Horsetail she-oak Casuarina equisetifolia var. incana
  • IV-03 Goat's foot convolvulus Ipomoea pes-caprae
  • IV-04 Angular pigface Carpobrotus glaucescens
  • IV-05 Beach primrose Oenothera drummondii
  • IV-06 Coastal banksia Banksia integrifolia
  • IV-07 Scented fan-flower Scaevola calendulacea
  • IV-08 Beach bean Canavalia rosea
  • IV-09 Cotton tree Hibiscus tiliaceus
  • IV-10 Coastal wattle Acacia sophorae
  • IV-11 Sea purslane Sesuvium portulacastrum
  • IV-12 Screw pine Pandanus tectorius
  • IV-13 Snake vine Hibbertia scandens
  • IV-14 Vigna Vigna marina
  • IV-15 Coastal vitex Vitex trifolia
  • IV-16 Paper-barked teatree Melaleuca quinquenervia
  • IV-17 Carbeen Corymbia tessellaris
  • IV-21 Ball nut Calophyllum inophyllum

Series 5: Management Guidelines for Dune Usage

  • V-01.1 Dune use for coastal protection
  • V-01.3 Dune management in urban areas
  • V-02.2 Board and chain walkways, steps, advisory signs
  • V-02.3 Vehicle access to beaches
  • V-02.4 Specifications for vehicle access to beaches
  • V-02.5 Pedestrian control fences
  • V-02.6 Pedestrian access tracks
  • V-03.1 Repair of damaged dunes
  • V-03.2 Re-establishment of dunes: a basic approach
  • V-03.3 Re-establishment of dunes: sand dune design
  • V-03.4 Re-establishment of dunes: methods of dune construction
  • V-03.6 Surface stabilising agents: plant materials
  • V-03.8 Dune stabilisation on nourished beaches - Noosa Project
  • V-04.1 Planting programs for dune stabilisation
  • V-05.1 Fertiliser programs for dune vegetation
  • V-06.1 Raising dune plants in the nursery
  • V-06.2 Raising dune plants in the nursery (continued)
  • V-06.3 Planting seedlings on coastal sand dunes
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18 April 2013