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Request a coastal hazard map

Queensland Coastal Hazard Areas maps show areas vulnerable to coastal erosion or storm tide inundation. These maps can be obtained free of charge by submitting a property search request form below. An A4-sized PDF map showing the selected property along with others in the vicinity and other relevant information will be emailed to the address provided. The scale of these maps will vary according to the size of the property. The maximum scale possible is 1:10,000. To request a map at a different scale, please email

A Queensland Coastal Hazard Area map can also be downloaded by choosing a map from the map sheet index. These maps open as PDF documents and can be saved and/or printed. Map sheets are at a scale of 1:40,000 for urban areas and 1:70,000 for rural areas.

Queensland Coastal Hazard Areas map layers

The Queensland Coastal Hazard Areas map consists of two pages:

  • Page one displays areas considered vulnerable to coastal erosion or permanent tidal inundation and also displays the inland boundaries of the coastal management district.
  • Page two displays areas that have a 1% or greater risk of storm tide inundation in any one year including projected climate change impact to 2100 (a 0.8m increase in sea level). It shows two risk areas: high risk areas where inundation would be greater than 1m in depth, and a medium risk area where inundation will be less than 1m. The map also displays the coastal management district.

See the coastal hazard areas page for further details.

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