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‘Snap Up Some Paradise’ photo competition

The ‘Snap Up Some Paradise’ photo competition celebrates the 25th anniversary of Fraser Island’s (K’gari) inscription on the World Heritage List.

The island is known as ‘K’gari’ by the Traditional Owners, the Butchulla people, which means ‘paradise’. Today, the Butchulla people continue to use their knowledge of K’gari to make invaluable contributions to protecting the island’s environmental and cultural features.

Visitors to K’gari are reminded that one of the most important Butchulla Lores is ‘do not take or touch anything that is not yours’, and to respect ‘wanya nyin yangu, wanai djinang djaa’ where ever you go, leave only footprints.

How to enter

  1. Read the following information and choose an appropriate category for your submission.
  2. Complete the online entry form. Please ensure that all required fields are completed.
  3. Submit your photo, including a caption.

The competition runs until Sunday 5 August 2018. Winners will be notified via email shortly after, with the announcement also shared on this webpage along with the winning photographs.


To win, your submission must showcase the natural beauty or cultural heritage of the island, depending on the category you are entering. You can choose between K’gari’s landscapes, freshwater lakes, rolling sand dunes, unique plant and animal communities or coastal marine systems. These are represented by three categories:

These categories correspond with the three criteria that secured Fraser Island’s place on the World Heritage List.

Winners will have their work published in the 2019 Fraser Island ‘25th Anniversary’ Calendar, as well as in the December 2018 Issue of Wildlife Australia Magazine.


This category aims to capture the natural beauty of K’gari.

K’gari is recognised by the World Heritage Committee for its diverse natural features, including 250km of clear sandy beaches, rainbow-coloured cliffs, pristine freshwater lakes and majestic rainforests growing tall on ancient sand dunes.

Some possible places to photograph include:

  • Ocean landscapes: Indian Head, Waddy Point, Poyungan, Ngkala cliffs and 75-Mile Beach.
  • Rainbow-coloured sand cliffs, sandblows, forest and heath systems: East, north and west coasts.
  • Lake landscapes: Lake Wabby and the Boomerang lakes.
  • Freshwater creeks: Wanggoolba Creek, Eli Creek and Bogimbah Creek.
  • Rainforests: Pile Valley circuit.

Sand and Water

This category should capture the earth’s history and the evolving landforms of K’gari.

K’gari is recognised by the World Heritage Committee for being an exceptional record of the earth’s history and for its ongoing evolutionary processes. It features million-year-old, active sand dunes, and is home to a number of freshwater lakes that are regarded as exceptional given their age and diversity.

Some possible places to photograph include:

  • Perched Lakes: Lake McKenzie, Lake Boomanjin, Lake Birrabeen and Lake Benaroon
  • Barrage Lakes: Lake Wabby
  • Window Lakes: Ocean Lake
  • Ancient sand dunes: Western and northern sections of the island.

Flora and Fauna

Photographs from this category must capture either rare and ancient vegetation and/or the unique animal species that live and continue to evolve on Fraser Island.

K’gari is recognised by the World Heritage Committee for its significant and evolutionary processes, like the biological evolution of significant plants and animals. Particularly, it is the development of the rainforest vegetation communities, with 50m tall trees towering above coastal sand dunes.

Some possible places to photograph include:

  • The Valley of the Giants where rainforests are sprouting in sand.
  • Indian Head Lookout where you can spot marine life (dugongs, dolphins, rays and sea turtles).
  • Platypus Bay, 75-Mile Beach or by boat from Hervey Bay where you can go whale watching (July-October).
  • Kingfisher Bay Resort where daily bird watching walks are conducted.

When taking photos of wildlife it’s important to follow rangers’ safety advice, including the rule to never feed dingoes and other animals. Feeding dingoes puts you in danger, it can place other people in danger by making dingoes’ associate people with food, and it is bad for the animals’ overall health.

Please stay safe and take care

Any photos demonstrating dangerous or potentially damaging behaviour will be automatically disqualified. For further info on how to stay safe and take care of the island during your visit see the K'gari (Fraser Island) Recreation Area, Great Sandy National Park web page.

Please print a copy of the Fraser Island Discovery Guide (PDF) to take with you!

Photo competition online entry form

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