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Management of regulated wastes

Under the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008 waste handlers must submit waste tracking information when transporting regulated waste or waste residues. A complete list of trackable regulated wastes can be found in Schedule 2E of the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008.

Waste tracking ensures that waste is transported and managed in a way that helps prevent illegal waste management activities, which may cause environmental harm.

You must hold an environmental authority (EA) under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 if you transport any amount of trackable waste commercially, or if you transport up to or more than 250kg of trackable regulated waste non-commercially. This allows you to conduct the environmentally relevant activity (ERA) 57 for waste transport and submit prescribed forms for each load.

The facility receiving the waste must also hold an EA and the relevant ERA(s) for storage, recycling, treating or disposing of the waste.

The waste generator, waste transporter and waste receiver all have certain obligations that are set out under the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008 and on the prescribed forms.

The following forms and associated guides explain who needs to track waste in Queensland, how to use the waste tracking system to meet your environmental obligations, penalties that apply and management of specific regulated wastes.

Waste tracking



Clinical and related waste

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)

Identifying and managing equipment containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) - ESR/2016/1939 (previously EM2348, EM2349 and EM2350) (PDF, 95K)


Consultation was undertaken earlier this year for the new Connect system, fee and submission process changes.  Below are the links to the feedback reports.

Connect pilot (PDF, 561K)
The pilot was undertaken in March and April this year with 10 representatives from the waste industry over a four-week period. The representatives were from a selection of small, medium and large-sized waste handlers, as well as representatives from three key waste associations. At the end of the pilot, participants’ feedback was received and a summary of these submissions with corresponding responses were published in the waste industry pilot report (PDF, 561K).

Waste fees and submission process consultation (PDF, 384K)
The consultation occurred in July through email and a mail-out (where an email address was unable to be located, or in the instances where notification was received that the email bounced back). This resulted in 1292 emails and 175 letters being sent to all waste-related environmental authority holders, and key industry groups including the Waste Recycling Industry Association, Australian Council of Recycling and Waste Management Association of Australia. A total of 27 written submissions were received and a summary of these submissions with corresponding responses were published in August in the consultation report. (PDF, 384K)

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