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Littering and illegal dumping

Reporting littering from vehicles and vessels

Did you know that you can report littering from vehicles and vessels in Queensland? This animation will show you how.

The Queensland Government's vision is to create a state free from litter and illegal dumping—driven by the adoption of best practice in waste management and education. We all have a role to play in achieving this vision.

Littering and illegal dumping is a serious issue. It pollutes our environment and significantly diminishes the use, enjoyment and value of our public places for residents and tourists. It can facilitate the spread of disease and pest species, and harm wildlife, people and livestock.

Every day across Queensland, our parks, streets, forests and waterways are subjected to pollution from litter and illegally dumped waste.

Plastic bags, cigarette butts, glass bottles, hazardous materials and other wastes are discarded.

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Littering is the unlawful deposit of any type of waste material of an amount less than 200 litres in volume (about the volume of an average wheelie bin).

Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping is the unlawful deposit of any type of waste material of an amount of 200 litres in volume (about the volume of an average wheelie bin) or more.

Advertising material

Unsolicited advertising material is any advertising material for a commercial purpose that is not addressed by name to an owner or occupier of the premises. Unsolicited advertising material delivered to premises or placed on vehicles is not classed as littering but comes with its own management obligations for distribution and forms of compliance action.

Report it

How to report it

The department’s litter and illegal dumping online reporting system (LIDORS) allows members of the public to report instances of littering and illegal dumping using a desktop computer, smart phone or tablet.

Penalty infringement notice

Have you received a penalty infringement notice and are not sure how to proceed? Find out more about what options are available to you.

Stop it

Litter and Illegal Dumping Action Plan

Litter and illegal dumping are the most visible indicators of pollution in our environment. Queensland’s Litter and Illegal Dumping Action Plan focuses on building programs and partnerships to tackle these issues.

Queensland's littering and illegal dumping laws

The Queensland Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011 was introduced on 1 December 2011. The legislation contains provisions for the management and enforcement of litter and illegal dumping offences within the state. Read more Queensland's littering and illegal dumping laws.

Love Queensland, Let's keep it clean

The Queensland Government encourages Queenslanders to take responsibility for their waste. The department is conducting various projects to address littering and illegal dumping across Queensland.

Be involved

The Litter and illegal dumping community and industry partnerships program helps community and industry stakeholders tackle litter and illegal dumping issues through activities that aim to change people’s behaviour. Each year, the program supports a small number of innovative projects that bring together the expertise and energy of a range of interested parties

Facts and figures

The collection, collation and reporting of information from state and local governments’ operations informs program development and allows long-term evidence-based decision-making in littering and illegal dumping prevention activities.

The State of waste and recycling in Queensland report provides a snapshot of waste generation, resource recovery and waste disposal in Queensland on an annual basis. It draws on data provided by a range of organisations, including local governments and businesses in the waste management and resource recovery industry. Data is available at the Queensland Government data website.

The public can access reporting data for litter and illegal dumping incidents that have been reported to the department from the Queensland Government data website.

For more information, see the littering and illegal dumping fact sheet (PDF, 317K).

Report littering and illegal dumping online

online litter reporting

Last updated
26 July 2017