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Queensland's waste and recycling strategy

Queensland Government announces the development of a new waste strategy

The Queensland Government announced a waste strategy for Queensland and the formation of a Recycling and Waste Management Stakeholder Advisory Group on 20 March 2018.

The new resource recovery, recycling and waste management strategy will be underpinned by a waste disposal levy that will incorporate measures to avoid costs for households. The strategy will also be completed by legislative reforms and other companion measures.

View the final report from the Investigation into the transport of waste in Queensland (PDF, 662K).

View the Government response to the investigation (PDF, 265K).

A report prepared by the Queensland Treasury Corporation that identifies opportunities for Queensland’s waste industry (PDF, 3.8M) provides further context.

Queensland's current waste and recycling strategy

The Queensland Waste Avoidance and Resource Productivity Strategy (2014–2024) (PDF, 8.4M), outlines the many opportunities and challenges ahead for Queensland to improve its waste avoidance and recovery performance.

This industry-led strategy has been developed collaboratively with representatives from business and industry, the waste and resource recovery sector, local government, and community and environment groups.

The strategy provides a high-level vision and direction for Queensland over the next 10 years. The strategy’s vision is for Queensland to become a national leader in avoiding unnecessary consumption and waste generation—adopting innovative resource recovery approaches, and managing all products and materials as valuable and finite resources.


The waste and resource management hierarchy

The waste and resource management hierarchy

  1. Driving cultural change
    All stakeholders recognise their role in meeting the vision of the waste strategy, and are informed and empowered to participate in achieving its goals and objectives
  2. Avoidance and minimisation
    Queensland will realise all opportunities (environmental, economic and social) from maximising sustainable consumption and production
  3. Reuse, recovery and recycling
    Queensland will optimise economic benefits from reuse, recovery and recycling
  4. Management, treatment and disposal
    Queensland will reduce the impact of waste on human health and the environment through improved waste practices

Strategy priorities

Key features of the strategy include:

  • targets for reducing waste generation and improving recycling rates
  • recognition of the challenges and opportunities for regional areas of the state
  • identification of Queensland’s priority wastes and areas for action
  • implemention through action plans developed at government and sectoral level to achieve the objectives and priorities of the strategy.

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23 March 2018