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Mary – Great Sandy region



Scheduled 2010.

EPP Water – scheduled Environmental Values and Water Quality Objectives
Waters Basin no. Schedule 1—Document Schedule 1—Plan
Burrum, Gregory, Isis, Cherwell and Elliot Rivers including all Hervey Bay coastal rivers and creeks Part of 137 Burrum, Gregory, Isis, Cherwell and Elliott Rivers (PDF, 335K) WQ1371 Burrum, Gregory, Isis, Cherwell and Elliott Rivers (PDF, 1.9M)
Fraser Island 139 Fraser Island (PDF, 365K) WQ1391 Fraser Island (PDF, 1.8M)
Great Sandy Strait and coastal creeks including Great Sandy Strait, Tin Can Bay, rainbow Beach and mainland coastal creeks draining into Great Sandy Strait Part of 140 Great Sandy Strait (PDF, 330K) WQ1402 Great Sandy Strait (PDF, 2.0M)
Hervey Bay Adjacent to basins 137 and 139 Hervey Bay (PDF, 308K) WQ1372 Hervey Bay (PDF, 1.3M)
Mary River including all tributaries of the Mary River 138 Mary River (PDF, 355K) WQ1381 Mary River (PDF, 2.9M)

Water Quality Improvement Plans / Healthy Waters Management Plans

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Spatial datasets

Spatial datasets for scheduled areas are available from the Queensland Spatial Catalogue, Qspatial. Search for ‘EPP’.

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7 September 2018