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Murray-Darling and Bulloo basins

Healthy Waters Management Plans (HWMPs) are being progressively developed under the Queensland Environmental Protection (Water) Policy 2009 (EPP Water) for (1) Warrego, Paroo, Bulloo and Nebine, (2) Condamine, (3) Queensland Border Rivers-Moonie, and (4) Maranoa-Balonne catchment areas by 2019. HWMPs are prepared by the department in consultation with the three regional NRM bodies in the Queensland Murray-Darling and Bulloo Basins – Condamine Alliance, Queensland Murray-Darling Committee and South West NRM Ltd. The first HWMP to be prepared was for the Warrego, Paroo, Bulloo and Nebine plan area. Environmental Values (EVs) and Water Quality Objectives (WQOs) that are included in the HWMPs will be scheduled under the EPP Water to inform statutory and non-statutory decision making. HWMPs also contribute to the water quality management requirements under the Basin Plan 2012.


Overview map of Queensland Murray-Darling and Bulloo basin (PDF, 1.0M).

EPP Water: scheduled Environmental Values and Water Quality Objectives


Environmental Values and Water Quality Objectives for the waters of the Queensland Murray–Darling and Bulloo River basins are under development. The first round of consultation has now closed and submissions received during consultation have been considered.

Supporting documents

Consultation Summary Report: Healthy Waters Management Plan for the Warrego, Paroo, Bulloo and Nebin (PDF, 188K).

Water Quality Improvement Plans / Healthy Waters Management Plans

Healthy Waters Management Plans for Queensland Murray-Darling Basin catchments (PDF, 2.6M)

Healthy Waters Management Plan: Warrego, Paroo, Bulloo and Nebine Basin (PDF, 12M).

Spatial datasets

Once finalised, spatial datasets for scheduled areas will be available from the Queensland Spatial Catalogue, Qspatial. Search for ‘EPP’.

Store and release code of practice

The Queensland Government and Cotton Australia have recently prepared a code of practice for the release of water from farm storages to the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin (PDF, 575K). The code of practice assists local farmers storing and releasing water to the Basin to meet their general environmental duty under the Environmental Protection Act. An explanatory guide (PDF, 505K) is also available.

Source catchments water quality modelling

The Queensland Government has developed source catchments water quality models for the Queensland section of the Murray-Darling Basin. The Queensland Murray-Darling Basin Water Quality Models (PDF, 4.6M) were built to assist in developing Water Quality Objectives, as well as to inform water quality management actions in the HWMPs.

Socioeconomic report for the protection of EVs

The Queensland Government has commissioned Marsden Jacob Associates to conduct a socioeconomic assessment (PDF, 4.7M) on the value of protecting and enhancing Environmental Values and water quality in the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin.

Contact details

For further information please contact the Healthy Waters Team:

  • by email at
  • by mail to the EV Project Team at GPO Box 2454, Brisbane Qld 4001
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11 December 2017